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Willow Creek Fisheries

In the early 70's Ca Department of Fish and Game wanted to stock pure Florida strain largemouth Bass in local waters. To do this they imported pure strain Floridas into California and enlisted the help of private pond owners to keep the Bass for one year until they spawned and they would return to collect the fry. Ryan Marty was one of the only pond owners to have a successfull spawn. After Fish and Game took the fry the pond owners were able to keep the broodstock. From that point forward Willow Creek Fisheries was born. We strive to produce the healthiest fish possible by raising them on site in natural ponds. Water is supplied to our spawning ponds and holding tanks through artesian springs,and fresh water well. This eliminates the possibility of outside contaminates and exposure to aquatic invasives. Our delivery compartments, vehicles and equipment are thoroughly sanitized following each delivery to ensure the highest health standards are met and contaminants are eliminated. At the delivery location we go above and beyond to insure customer satisfaction. Upon request we will place your fish in bags filled with oxygen for transportation to where they can be strategically distributed into the most beneficial areas on the lake. 

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