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Willow Creek Fisheries was established in 1972 by Ryan, Barbara, and Jr. Marty. We are a Family owned business run by Ryan and Michael Marty. We have been serving the state of California for over 44 years. Willow Creek Fisheries is one of the oldest private fisheries still raising our own fish in natural ponds, in the state. Over the past 44 years, we have been selectively breeding Florida Largemouth Bass at Willow Creek Ranch in the foothills of California.

Our fingerlings have been known to have an outstanding growth record; on average, they reach 10-12 inches within the first year, and are capable of spawning at this size.

The fish raised at our facility are healthy, vibrant, and will ultimately ensure the genetic enhancement of any lake. Many of the lakes that have been stocked with our fingerlings and forage fish have produced bass up to 3 1/2 within a 16 month period. The record Florida Largemouth bass has been weighed in at 21 pounds.

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