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Florida Largemouth Bass

Florida Largemouth Bass
Florida strain Largemouth
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Florida Black Bass
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California Grown Largemouth Bass
2-6 inches

Florida Largemouth Bass have grown to over 21 pounds. They have a faster growth rate than the Northern Bass and are much more aggressive. Florida strain black bassare one of the best known and most popular game fish in North America. They are great for stocking ponds where you want private world-class fishing. The Florida Largemouth Bass we raise can attain a size of 10-12 inches in one year, While Northern Bass can take up to 3 years to reach 10 inches. We take pride in the quality and purity of our fish and we are sure you will be satisfied! 

Feeding Habits: 
The Florida Largemouth is capable of assimilating more oxygen than a northern Bass, which allows it to live longer in low oxygen conditions. They also live twice a long as a Northern Bass, so you can catch large fish longer. Average Northern Bass live around 8 years while the Florida Bass can live approximately 15 years. Largemouth bass will eat almost anything they can get their mouth around including birds, snakes, frogs, and all other fishes including other Bass. Our Bass fingerlings are fed a diet of live foods to insure they adapt perfectly into your pond or lake.
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