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Bluegill Stocking

Bluegill Stocking
Bluegill Stocking

 The Bullgill is Native to the Eastern United States except for the North-East. They are now successfully stocked in all 48 continental states.  Commonly growing to 9 inches and .75 pounds, Bluegill make for a great fish to catch and also a excelent forage food for Bass. The largest Bluegill ever taken on a hook and line weighed 4 lbs 12 oz; it was 15 inches long and had a girth of 18.25 inches. they are Green to brown dorsally with a blue sheen - commonly with more or less distinct dark(top to bottom vertical) bars - breast is yellow copper to orange during breeding. Bluegill nests consist of well defined circular depressions. They spawn throughout the summer starting in June when the water temperature reaches the mid-seventies and continue through August. Usually they spawn in one to two feet of water. Males guard the eggs. Young Bluegill spawned in early summer may reach more than one inch by late fall.

Feeding Habits: 
Adults eat primarily insects, aquatic plants, micro crustaceans and small fish. Feeds at all levels of the water column but does not generally feed on the bottom.
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